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Community Outreach

Wellness Programs
Twin Hills Health Center believes that part of being healthy is being educated about your health. That’s why we work to educate our patients on an individual level and to educate the community as well. Our staff of professionals is available for speaking engagements and health screenings, and can create programs specifically for your company or organization.

Wellness programs have been proven to reduce health risks, increase productivity and boost employee morale while positively affecting your business’s bottom line. We offer a variety of wellness programs that can be designed to meet your company’s needs. Programs include:

Onsite Professional Health Screenings
  • Relaxation/Trigger Point Therapy
  • Pain & Injury Assessment
  • Full Body Posture Evaluation
  • Blood Pressure Screening
  • Body Fat Analysis
  • Core Stability
  • Lifting
  • Foot Leveler Posture Check
Corporate Lectures
  • Lifting Safety
  • Pre & Post Shift Stretching
  • Ergonomic Assesment & Safety Training
  • Posture & Biomechanics
  • Health, Welness, & Stress Management


Corporate Health Fairs held onsite at your facility
  • Turnkey Event Organization & Promotion

Internal Events
Throughout the year Twin Hills Health Center likes to take the opportunity to thank their patients for their continued support. These events are opened to both the community and their patients. The following are the events held each year.

Everybody Loves A Barbeque
This event is held mid-July with an outdoor barbeque and free health screenings. It’s enjoyed by everyone who attends.

Thanksgiving Open House
This event is held the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Twin Hills Health Center feels that the month of November is the time to say thanks to their patients for their continued support by giving away a Gift Basket filled with fall goodies and having refreshments available all day.

Holiday Open House
What better time to say thank you to our patients then the Holidays. In December we give the chance for our patients to win a prize during the 12 Days of Christmas and wrap things up with a Holiday Open House. During this event we allow our patients to pick up their prize and to snack on some holiday cookies.

For more information regarding these programs please contact the Community Outreach Department at (570) 546-5454.


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